Oliver Ruíz was Appointed Director of International Affairs and Honorable Member of the UNESCO Piraeus And Islands Greece Club.

Who promotes tourism, peace, values, training, Art, Culture, Human Development, prevention, awareness, unity, cultural exchanges, Twinning, International links, Business and Relations with Embassies of various countries.

With the fundamental objective of promoting the best of Mexico for the World and of the World for Mexico with high impact activities and social integration to highlight, disseminate, recognize and protect.

Creating spaces to encourage participation, unity and opportunity to project talents in their various facets and expressions such as:

Musical, Artistic, Cultural, Theatrical, Artisan, Painting, Singing, Cinemas, Ancestral Customs, Origins, etc.

Aligned according to the following statutes:

Piraeus and the Islands UNESCO Group was founded in 1998.

It is based in Nikaia, 210 Petrou Ralli and Thiseos 1, in the Piraeus region.

The Group is an association with the fundamental purpose of cultivating international perception, understanding, cooperation and solidarity in accordance with the principles and ideals of UNESCO and belongs to the Hellenic Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Organizations and Centers.

It is governed by a Board of Directors of eleven members, whose members are volunteers (unpaid, who do not receive any compensation for their participation and offer), while it has more than 2,000 members.

The Group’s actions are summarized in four main axes that complement each other:

A. Cultural Axis:

Management of international and local cultural festivals and international meetings in order to cultivate international understanding in accordance with the principles and ideals of the UNESCO world body.

Implementation of exchange programs for students and students from other countries for the development of peace, friendship and mutual cooperation.

Organization of events for young and / or recognized artists, art exhibitions, book presentations, support for theatrical, dance and artistic performances.

Tributes to popular art and tradition, events aimed at eliminating prejudices and the intercultural dialogue of cultures.

B. Educational axis:

Organize workshops, seminars, workshops and conferences in order to inform, inform and train young people on topics related to current social affairs (work, employment, volunteering, environment, culture, social phenomena), open to the public.

Group members have the opportunity to attend courses in foreign language, dance, acting, music, visual arts, tailoring, gymnastics and Greek language for foreigners taught by volunteer teachers.

Management of general education and rehabilitation programs for unemployment, non-formal learning programs for young people in order to promote active participation and European citizenship.

Management of actions for the preservation, preservation and dissemination of the Greek cultural heritage.

C. Social Axis:

Management and operation of Social Structures for the Immediate Fight against Poverty, where young people up to 30 years of age work and operate a social store, time bank, social restaurant, open nursery, dormitory, mediation office and social services.

Management and operation of a social tutoring center, a children’s creative workshop, a theater group, a chess team for children and young people.

Provide counseling and psychological support from specialist psychologists and social workers.

The above services are provided completely free of charge to the beneficiaries, who are selected according to social criteria.

Create a culture of solidarity among citizens and support needy and poor families for their reintegration into society.

D. Environmental Axis:

Organization of excursions, excursions, workshops and conferences on environmental content related to sustainable development and alternative energies.

Actions to mobilize schools and groups of citizens for cleaning, recycling and saving natural resources, in order to adapt them to the uninterrupted and to all kinds of developments and changes that are constantly presented in all areas of social life. Inform, support and reward young people who apply innovative ideas related to the environment.


The UNESCO Piraeus and Islands Group implements an integrated Quality Management System adapted to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and covers the following scope:

a) The implementation of actions with the fundamental purpose of cultivating international perception, understanding, cooperation and solidarity of the principles and ideals of UNESCO.

b) The planning, execution, monitoring and, in general, the management of projects (co-financed) (Contracting and Services Projects or Projects Executed by Own Means).

Through the operation we seek to achieve:

☑️Satisfied affiliates through prompt service and by responding to your requests.

Environment of courtesy and kindness in all phases of personal communication with members.

In the context of this Quality Policy, Management has established specific key Quality objectives, which are:

Adequate operation and continuous improvement of critical operational processes.

. Immediate recognition of problems and complaints in any type of cooperation.

. The continuous improvement of the services provided.

. Commitment to comply with the regulatory and legislative requirements related to the services provided.

Ση Increase member satisfaction.

For the implementation of the Quality Policy, the Group’s Departments operate with the following principles:

• Each employee is responsible for the quality of her own work.

• All employees are adequately informed about the Quality Management System.

• The management provides all the necessary means (equipment, materials, training) to achieve the quality objectives.

• All actions that may affect quality are planned and implemented in accordance with the established Procedures of the Quality Management System.

• All controls are analyzed and used as part of a continuous quality improvement effort.

• The Group registers and assesses the threats and opportunities related to the fulfillment of products and services.

• The Group has appointed a Quality Manager who is responsible for ensuring that the Quality Management System operates and complies with the ISO 9001.: 2015 standard.

Any deviation is cause for immediate corrective action.

The ultimate objective of the implementation of the Quality Management System is the continuous improvement of its efficiency and effectiveness and, consequently, the Quality of the services that the Group provides to its members.

IOANNIS Maronitis.

To see the Statutes on the Official Website of the UNESCO Club Pireas and Islands Greece, click on the logo:

Sitio Web Oficial Club UNESCO Pireas and Islands Grecia:

What is UNESCO?

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

UNESCO seeks to establish peace through international cooperation in education, science and culture.

UNESCO programs contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals defined in the 2030 Program, approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

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Oliver Ruiz Recibe Medalla Honorífica, Nombramientos y Certificados Presenciales por parte de Ioannis Maronitis antes del COVID en el 2019.

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